Membership in PUG is open to agencies, consultants, contractors, vendors, and suppliers.  Annual membership terms run by fiscal year, from July 1 to June 30. Memberships are not pro-rated, although many entities joining mid-term still realize significant membership benefits given our many events and activities.

Why Join PUG?

There are many reasons! Here are a few:

1.  Members are by company/agency, not by individual. Annual dues cover any and all employees of your organization to take advantage of PUG activities and benefits.

2.  We host monthly meetings that vary in topic so that throughout the year there will be at least a few presentations that apply to your particular specialty or discipline.  Each monthly meeting includes free lunch.

3.  Discounts and sponsorship!  We provide discounts on the annual seminar and any workshops or courses we sponsor.  We also sponsor 1-2 memberships or more per year to applicable conferences, where eligibility is based upon membership and interest.

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